Photos by Maja Karen Hansen / Models: Fie Drejer and Christine Løkkebø


Goldsmith Signe Isager is drawn by the aesthetic of simplicity, as found in minimalistic architecture and in nature's remarkable geometry.  The fascination of patterns that appears in nature, its symmetri, repititions and movements, comes together with the grandiosity and sharpness in architecture in a sofisticated, elegant way. Yet with a rough touch. 

With a great love for good, traditional handcraft Signe Isager searches the boundries of functionality, and explores how classic, geometric shapes can be interpreted in new ways and how to create movement in simple shapes.

Signe Isager embraces the intuitive and impulsive design process where ideas develop progressively, and can change directions. It often results in sculptural shapes that emphasizes the anatomy's beautiful lines.

Signe Isager finished her goldsmith degree in 2013 and was honered with a silver medal for excellence in craftmanship, handed by the Danish Queen Margrethe II. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by Signe herself.  The collections are crafted in sterling silver 925. Besides her collection, Signe also creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces at her workshop.